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FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Leading Where it Matters Most

The How-to Guide to Leading Nonprofits for Impact

From The Inside Out was written for nonprofit leaders and those who are called to make a difference. If you are driven by purpose, have a heart for your mission, and are determined to make a bigger impact in your community or the world at large, this book is for you.

Focusing on four unique elements of nonprofit management, top-rated author Tom Okarma coaches you through the journey to become the leader you were meant to be. Discover how to successfully lead yourself first, then your team, your board, and finally how to lead positive change. This book will give you the tools and insight needed to put it all together and successfully lead change efforts in your organization. 

From The Inside Out will not only tell you what to do to become a better leader, it will give you the steps you need to follow to make positive change a reality.

Break Through the ICK FACTORS

Discover Your nonprofit’s true potential!

In Break Through the ICK FACTORS, Tom Okarma tackles some of the most critical issues (ICK FACTORS) facing nonprofits each day. These are the challenges that can keep you from getting to the next level and making a more significant impact.

Whether your agency is faith-based or secular, serving in the areas of social services, justice and equality, or otherwise–small or large–the issues that arise in this story can exist in virtually all of them. In Break Through you will find the ideas and resources you need to minimize or avoid critical agency problems.

Discover how you can break through the ICK FACTORS and lead your nonprofit to realize its full potential. 

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