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12 Characteristics of Effective Non-profit Leaders

The non-profit landscape is changing. According to the 2016 Non-profit Trends Report, this industry is growing at a rapid rate. But what non-profit leaders need today, is different then 10 years ago.  Leaders will be dealing with new...

Will End-of-Year Fundraising Be Risky For Your Agency?

Nonprofit leadership is challenging. And it's no secret that fundraising -- especially end-of-year fundraising - can easily top the list of stressors. Can you really count on all those pledges to come in at year-end? What if they don't?...

Better Board Meetings: 5 Questions to Better Engage Your Board Members

Who likes nonprofit board meetings? Please raise your hands... Board members often have a full-time job. They put in a long day, then skip dinner with the family so they can have cold pizza and room temperature soda, gathered around a...

10 Ways to Deal With Difficult People in Your Nonprofit

On the surface, leading a nonprofit might look like a piece of cake. You assemble a group of people passionate about the mission, point them in the right direction and get out of their way. For the most part, there are no ego problems, no...

4 Things Successful Nonprofit Leaders Do Every Week

Guard Your Calendar Wisely Your role as an executive director is much more than a 9-5 job. You may have breakfast meetings, dinner meetings and late evening meetings. Sometimes, your Saturdays turn into full work days, too. During the day...


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What is Your Nonprofit Leadership Style?

What is Your Nonprofit Leadership Style?

Most of us (nonprofit leaders) have either taken courses or read a lot about the basic meat and potatoes leadership skills we need to effectively do our job. I’m talking about strategic planning and goal setting, budgeting, communication, the solicitation of major...

Ever Been asked…Why Should I Want to Serve on Your Board?

Ever Been asked…Why Should I Want to Serve on Your Board?

Have you ever been asked this question? Let’s say you know someone who is highly respected, has been engaged with your mission for some time, and has shown good judgment in the past. You may even be friends. You have a board seat opening up soon so you figure he/she...

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