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For more than a decade, Tom Okarma has been dedicated to improving nonprofits. Drawing on his 20 years of experience in for profit, he works with organizations to develop leaders, empower boards and build strategic plans that actually work.
He can help YOU make a bigger impact. 


Understand New Trends
Improve Board Training
Future-proof Your Agency


Enhance Your Best Qualities
Create Break Through Leaders
Problem Solve With Confidence


Create A Strategic Plan That Works
Build & Enhance Your Board
Take Your Organization To The Next Level

Get to know

Tom Okarma

Tom has been a successful leader in both the nonprofit and business worlds. He has led or served on a variety of boards. He’s been there, done that, and learned critical lessons about successful board development and governance.

Regardless of your organization’s size, if it’s a leadership or board challenge you currently face, Tom probably has already faced it too. His leadership style and methods stem from his core values and beliefs.

Tom Okarma is a tested and proven strategic thinker who helps leaders and 
nonprofit organizations succeed. He is a knowledgeable and reliable catalyst 
for nonprofits. He works with clients in Arizona, California and the greater Chicago area.


“Tom brought incredible value to the Providence Board, adding insight from numerous other boards and organizations.”

Marty Moseley | Board Member, Providence International


of Nonprofit Leadership

Build a Workable Plan
Future-Proof Your Board
Lead at a New Level


Tools to Build Your Agency

Increase Your Productivity
5 Steps For Strategic Planning
How to: Board Policy Manual




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